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Zuuli - Retail 2nd Edition (UK Only)

Zuuli - Retail 2nd Edition (UK Only)

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"I am a fan of laser focused games done well and Zuuli is just that. It is an impressive debut from a new designer and studio." - The Giant Brain
For our North American fans please check out BoardGameBliss to grab your copy.
Collect enclosures, rescue animals, install upgrades and build the highest scoring wildlife park you can in this family friendly pick and pass card game. Don’t let the cutesy looks fool you into thinking this is going to be easy though! Can you keep the Lions away from the Anteaters on the Savannah plains? Are your sloths lonely or living a happy life on an Open-Air island? Your Zuuli adventure awaits! For how to play, scroll down.


2nd Edition goodies:

The 2nd edition of Zuuli is jam packed with new features, including a mini expansion that adds 2 new animals to the game, the Hippo and Red Panda, 1 new enclosure and upgrade, support for an additional 6th player, a larger, sturdier box and a 50 page scorepad.

- 2 Piece Rigid Box
- 100 Poker Sized Cards with black core and linen finish, including all of the cards from the Mini Expansion.
- 50 page score pad
- Rule leaflet

How to play Zuuli:

how to play instructions
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